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2017 Senior Announcement

I can’t believe it’s time to talk about 2017 seniors?! My 2016 #bwsenior team is inching towards prom & graduation and I feel like I just had them over to my house to meet them and frolic in the fields! It’s no secret that I adore senior girls and absolutely love photographing them. You guys have been my favorite adventure since taking photography full time! However, this summer is going to be a bit different because I’m pregnant! Cue the happy dances & all the confetti :)

I thought VERY long, very hard, and prayed a lot about what I should do about my senior sessions this summer. I had to cast my desires aside and think about what I could truly physically handle first.

With just launching my official senior branch last spring, it is definitely pivotal to keep growing and working with my senior girls this year. However, I’m due in August which affects prime senior season. I cannot commit to many things in July in the event I go early. I do not want to commit to anything in September because I will be a first time mom and deserve some maternity leave like any other female. Not to mention, what if I have any complications or a C-section and cannot shoot right away? During my entire pregnancy and postpartum, I have weddings on the calendar and bridal clients I must take care of. So after much thinking, I have decided to not have an official senior street team this year.

I have 26 bridal clients to serve in 2016 and engagement sessions to fit in for my 2017 brides. Although I am extremely sad about not being able to handle the senior load I wanted this summer, I have to make my bride & grooms the priority. Experiencing pregnancy has definitely taken me down a notch and made me realize I cannot be the energizer bunny, “yes mam,” build Rome in a day kinda gal anymore. Sometimes I tell Justin that pregnancy may be the best thing that has happened to me since it is forcing me to slow down and learn the power of “no.”

HOWEVER! There is some happy news for you 2017 seniors! I will be taking SOME senior sessions! I have VERY few holes in June, VERY few in early July, and I will be accepting a few clients for October.

AND! Even though I cannot commit to an official 2017 BWSenior team this year, I am still going to have a fun little shoot in early summer to meet some new seniors and make some beauty happen! Who knows, maybe if I’m feeling up to it, I will plan another fall shindig. I’m being very open minded and going with it at this point. Things to know about applying for the model call:
1. The shoot will take place in mechanicsburg/harrisburg/carlisle
2. You must not be an accepted member of any other local photographer’s senior team/model program
3. Apply here:
4. Selections will be made by the end of march and you will be notified either way!

1. If you are interested in having me shoot your senior session this year, jump on scheduling it sister!
2. Want to be involved in a fun, just because, no commitment senior group shoot with some other local awesome gals?! Read the previous section!
3. Senior team to be back next winter for 2018 Seniors!

Thank you to ALL of my current 2016 seniors. You guys have been a dream. All of my official reps, I just adore you guys and I’m so honored to have met such an amazing group of young women. To all the gals I photographed that were not on the rep team, I love you just the same! Everyone has been so kind and supportive. You girls are going to do BIG things in the college world this fall!!

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