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Bluehound Farm Wedding – Kayla & Ben

I totally fell in love with these two right from the start. They are so genuine, so lighthearted, yet have a depth to their relationship you can just feel. I had been excited for their wedding all year. I got even MORE excited when she called me a few weeks before the wedding to tell me she was planning to surprise him with a dog on the day of their wedding.

They are sheep farmers so a solid sheep dog is very important to the whole operation. They had a running joke for quite sometime for every Christmas, birthday, or celebration that her gift to him “better be a dog this time.”

So it was only so fitting that on the biggest celebration to date, she came through.

They did not see eachother before the wedding, however, she told him that she really loved the emotion in first look photos so she really wanted to “fake one after the ceremony just for pictures sake.” When we stuck him out in the field & explained the plan, he thought it was ridiculous (because it was) and when he spun around to see his new bride standing there with a little furry friend with a big pink bow, he was overwhelmed. It was THE sweetest moment I’ve witnessed at a wedding to date.

This day was centered around home grown + local products. From the meats, veggies, desserts, wines, and vendors. These two sheep farmers are some of the sweetest humans I’ve met. I love everything about their dynamic & adore the mischievous grin he always gives her to the way she joyfully melts into him so easily.

Meet Mr. & Mrs. Shughart

 Greatest photobomber ever below :) 

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