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Long Time No See

“I want to bask in the glorious greatness of basic-ness. And I want to revel in “going over the top” when I want to

A Day at Johnson’s Farm

We have been looking forward to taking Charlotte to Johnson’s farm since….well, before there was a Charlie

Sunset Pennsylvania Engagement on Film | Nikki & Tom

This recent Pennsylvania fall engagement session is feeling much more like summer but we aren’t mad about it.

The Farm at Eagles Ridge Wedding | Stephanie & Chris

I was squealing with excitement at every turn on this wedding day…so I can’t imagine how THEY felt! Chris

Cherry Basket Farm Wedding | Carrie & Lance

It’s not often that you hear people say: “YA KNOW WHERE WE SHOULD GO?! MICHIGAN!” But they should!

You Make It Look How It Feels | Big Announcement

I never ever thought I would write a post like this. If you would have asked me if I wanted to be a family photographer

Bonnet Island Estate Wedding – Julie & Scott

This wedding day at Bonnet Island Estate was out of a story book. Tucked away on the Jersey shore, it feels like

The Farm At Eagles Ridge Wedding – Stephanie & Bryan

I dont know if I have one picture of these two NOT smiling like crazy. I love that. You KNOW I love that. These two

Pennsylvania Film Engagement Photographer – Matthew & Megan

I pulled up to their house and totally fan girl-ed out in my car. I am a country, space loving, no neighbors kinda gal.

Lancaster Film Engagement – Lance & Carrie

We explored their favorite walking spot and I totally get why they love it so much. Very excited for the Michigan

Film Maternity Session – Rachel

An overcast, summer evening maternity session photographed on film. Meet Momma Rachel. Hair & Makeup by Dauntlessly

Hampton Park Couple Session – Emma & Matt

Oh Charleston, you never disappoint. The spanish moss is good, the food is good, and the people are better. This was my