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maternity leave
IT’S OFFICIAL! I am officially on maternity leave. I’m a hair over 39 weeks, had a surprise visit to the hospital yesterday to double check if my water had broken (obviously it has not). However, things are definitely happening & progressing so her arrival is definitely pending and coming soon. I have been feverishly mopping, organizing, finishing bridal timelines, and emailing clients the last 24 hours as I really feel like it’s crunch time.

When I was on my honeymoon, I remember answering wedding inquiries at random times in between naps and meals and such. I had an amazing time and felt like I was super present and it was an amazing getaway. Most of the time on our vacations, my email auto responder is on yet I’m still checking emails on my phone and answering things when I can.

I’m telling you this because my maternity leave is not going to be like that. For the first time ever, I am checking. the heck. out. Yes, my remaining brides know that I am available if they need me and they have my phone number. However, I will not be dealing with non-urgent matters, scheduling sessions, responding to inquiries in 24 hours or less, etc etc. I will be a new, first time mother for heaven-sake and I want to soak up every second of it. I will be back to shooting on October 1st (which doesnt feel like long enough to me). I do have a few pre-scheduled blogposts in the line up to debut through the remaining month of august and such, but dont be fooled, I’m really not working. I am not back to work. I will not be answering emails. If you do get an email from me, it’s probably from Miss Susie :) She will be helping me out here and there so be ready for The Sus. She’s the best.

So I’m not going out of business or falling off the face of the earth, I’m just becoming a momma and want to be 1000% present. If you want to see Miss Charlotte Magnolia’s sweet little face & all the ordinary beautiful moments at home we have with her in her first few weeks of life, I’m sure I will be blowing up my instagram with her squishy self.

Can I just say, nothing makes you feel more like a ticking time bomb than being 39 weeks pregnant. You could just “go” at any moment, any time. It’s wild. I continually lay in bed at night, telling Justin, “I think my belly has gotten exponentially bigger since yeseterday. THERE’S A BABY IN THERE! IM HUGE! A REAL LIVE HUMAN BEING! YOUR DAUGHTER!” Like it’s news to me, every single night, all over again. He just laughs and laughs, “Hey babe, think you’re belly is exponentially bigger than yesterday? Did you know there’s a whole baby marinating in there?” Mocking me :)

Thank you to everyone who has celebrated with us, gifted us beautiful girly things, and has been genuinely excited for us on this journey. Your positivity and selflessness has meant the world. We are so excited to introduce you to our girl once she is here!

Images by the amazing Susie Herwig on FILM! woo!
Makeup by Veroniques Creative Artistry

  • Jillian - YES. 100 times, yes. You so deserve that break. Soak it all up and be in the moment. 3 little boys later, I know that time is so fleeting. Cannot wait to see the news that she is here! Congratulations!ReplyCancel

  • Stacee Lianna - You are so beautiful and I am so excited for you, friend. Enjoy your time off being a mommy. I will be insta stalking you for all the Charlie pictures I can get. <3ReplyCancel

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