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My Top Ten Wedding Day Essentials

5U4A4711As a wedding photographer, there are some things I just cannot do without on a wedding day. In 2015, I added some new stuff to my wedding day necessities list. So as everyone winds down for the season, I thought I would share it as we all take a breather & prepare for next year!

1. Think Tank roller bag. I currently use the Airport Roller Derby! This is a wonderful bag to get all of my gear from one place to another in a safe manner. It’s fully padded, has a lock if you need one, and the inside can be configured to how you want it. It’s wonderful for flying as it fits carry on requirements and it holds your laptop if you need it to! I had the International V2.0 before and I liked that a lot too but there was no designated laptop area and the wheels didn’t turn 360 degrees which is a huge plus for traveling and rolling it anywhere really!

2. Kelly Moore Kelly Boy Bag. This is my carry around, active shooting bag. I was on the hunt this year for just the right active shooting bag and this is it! I tried the ONA Capri & a few other Kelly Moore bags but this one is perfect. Tina Jay & Sarah Brookhart sold me on this one. It has LOTS of pockets which I love for batteries, cards, timelines, phone, gum, lens caps, etc. I carry 4 lenses at a time in this bag. The flap is wonderful. If it’s sunny, I keep it open to be able to change lenses fast. If it’s raining, I just keep the flap closed to protect my stuff. It also has little “stub feet” on the bottom to keep the bag standing upright so it’s not spilling over on you. Plus if your second shooter is a guy and would get caught carrying it for a second…at least he will look like a boss as it is a “boy” bag (photo by Sarah Brookhart below).

Magnolia Plantation Wedding Inspiration by Brianna Wilbur Photography

3. Clarks shoes. I have tried everything on my feet. From Payless Dexflex to Tieks and many things in between plus all types of inserts. Coming from the nursing world, I miss my sneaker life during 12 hour shifts. Ballet flats, as cute as they can be, just aren’t substantial enough to provide enough support/cushion for 10+ hours of running around. I remember the first time I bought a pair of Clarks and all I could think about was that all the adorable, stylish bridesmaids were going to see me and think: “Why is this 20 something year old girl wearing old lady shoes?” Well newsflash wedding photographers, no one is really looking at your feet anyways. And! Clarks do make some simple, fashionable flats that work WONDERFULLY for weddings. Their flats have a small rubber heel and amazing support. I bought 4 pairs of them at the beginning of last season just because I know they work well and the styles were changing. I got a pair of boots for the fall and they were very good to me, too. I super recommend them to guys and girls! Boots pictured below!5U4A5026

4. The Three G’s: Gatorade, Gum, & Granola Bars. I live on milk + water most of the time but the sugar + electrolytes in gatorade keeps this majorly hypoglycemic prone gal from being passed out on the ground at your wedding. I’m picky and always get the twist tops because you can drink them with one hand while a camera is in the other and slide it back into a lens slot standing upright in the kelly boy bag. I eat 2 cliff bars by reception time (and still manage to be starving come dinner). I absolutely need these three things.

5. My second shooter. Looking back to when I shot every single wedding solo, I dont know how I did it! Certain weddings are definitely doable by myself, however, in the event that I even have to pee during the day (weird right?) it’s nice to know someone can step up for me. Not only that,  a second shooter can help manage families, allow for the first look/aisle moment to be fully covered, and provide secondary angles that I cannot get to simply because I’m only one human. Pictured below is Miss Susie Herwig and I’m so thrilled to have her by my side this coming year! Of course Miss Sarah Brookhart too who is one of my favorite gals to work with.

Magnolia Plantation Wedding Inspiration by Brianna Wilbur PhotographyMagnolia Plantation Wedding Inspiration by Brianna Wilbur Photography

6. Holdfast Moneymaker. This thing…favorite discovery of the year. I was so torn on ordering it. I just felt like I would look like Indiana Jones (I couldn’t decide if that was cool or not) and I thought it would hurt my back more than having two free, independent cameras swinging from my shoulders. I saw an adorable, stylish girl wearing it and she looked fab so I pulled the trigger. I was so sick of my cameras sliding off my arms, banging into one another, banging into other stuff, I hated it. Plus it killed my back and shoulders after doing that for 8+ hours. So I ordered the moneymaker. I opened it up and was a bit intimidated: it looked like some type of torture device sprawled out on my floor. The first time I wore it, I wore it upside down and hated it (no wonder). I gave it a few more tries and I’ve ended up loving it. My back is way less sore than it was before, it’s easy to unhook the cameras to eat/hop in the car/go to the bathroom, makes shooting with two cameras // shooting film + digital together possible, my cameras are safer, and it’s a wonderful conversation starter with the groomsman. One of them always asks about it. I highly recommend investing a little more and choosing the bison leather one, too. I’ve seen the bridle leather ones in person and they are very stiff and do not feel as comfortable. The bison leather comes out of the box awesome and only gets better.

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7. The wedding day timeline set as my lock screen on my iphone. Makes checking the time + your timeline quick and accessible.

8. Rainy day supplies: extra shoes, sometimes extra clothes, a clear shower curtain to slide under the bride’s dress, clear umbrella, rain boots, rain jacket.

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9. Learn the names. They say the sweetest word in the world is hearing your own name. People remember when you remember them! It’s personable, professional, and straight up nice. I have my second shooter usually quiz me on the parents names + immediate siblings + best man/maid of honor on the drive down. It makes formals easier and efficient. Plus, I hate saying, “Uh, sir in the blue suit, can you slide to the right?” and you’re talking to the groom’s dad. No bueno.

10. Wine. On the counter. Ready to go as soon as I get home. Justin is wonderful about this…he knows the routine ;)

  • Vashti C. - I love these especially #7 and #10 I really have to get my husband into this routine. = D

    I am definitely looking into your other recommended items as well. Thank you! Brianna

    Vashti C.ReplyCancel

    • Brianna - I’m so happy you found this helpful Vashti! #10 mayyyy be the most important one ;)ReplyCancel

  • Krista - This is great, Brianna! #10 is my favorite ;)ReplyCancel

    • Brianna - Thanks Krista! I think it may be one of the most important necessities of the day! lol!ReplyCancel

  • Asharae Kroll - Love this list! I’ve been on the hunt for new shoes to wear while shooting – I’ll have to give Clarks a shot. Last time I was in their store I wasn’t too fond of the styles – good to remember no one’s actually looking at my feet hah!

    And I’ve been waiting to pull the trigger on the Bison Leather Moneymaker. I think it’s time! And looking like Indiana Jones? Totally cool.ReplyCancel

    • Brianna - Asharae I was super skeptical of the styles too! I got a simple ballet flat style shoe called the Nora I believe. And it works wonderfully. The styles can be tough sometimes and arent my taste either. However, i always find a simple black flat by Clarks at DSW/Macys/Nordstrom/sometimes even the store itself and it works great!!ReplyCancel

  • Kate - When you wear your Money Maker camera strap, does your hair get caught in the D-rings on the shoulder? I see you have a photo above where you are shooting in the strap with your hair down. I have very long hair and I am considering buying one after I read your blog post. Thanks, KateReplyCancel

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