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Philadelphia Art Museum Engagement Session – Paige & Matt

The week before this engagement session, Justin & I were laying in bed on my first Saturday off in a long time when he said, “I’m going to teach you how to change a tire today.” I groaned and said that I didn’t want to learn how to change a tire on my only saturday off in awhile, for awhile.

Welp. A week later, I was on my way to this engagement session, and got my first flat tire! Getting off the turnpike, at Valley Forge, right through the tollbooth. For anyone who knows that spot, knows that this is a *super* convenient place to have this happen.

I met up with these two on my little donut tire at the place he proposed. It was right in front of this lovely monument on Kelly Drive in Philadelphia that provided a lovely lead into “Will you marry me?”
These two were so gracious & patient with me that day with a mimosa awaiting me upon my arrival. It made me love them even more!

I’m so so excited for their wedding next fall. Lesson learned from this day: learn how to change a tire, invest in Triple A, listen to my husband when he feels like it’s appropriate to teach me something, continue to work with amazing people like these two.

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