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Philadelphia Magic Gardens Engagement – Amy & Donald

I felt like I knew them for so long within the first 5 minutes of seeing them in person. They are some of the warmest, most welcoming, easygoing souls. We ventured back to where their first kiss should have taken place (the nerves just get the best of you sometimes). I think this trip was much better simply because now he can kiss her anytime he wants since he put a ring on her finger.

At one point, I was admiring her beautiful bling & mentioned how it would be the perfect ring to eventually add another band on the other side to create the perfect little sandwich set. He so graciously piped in & mentioned: “Well the criss-cross band currently symbolizes the relationship that her & God have and when we add the wedding band, it will reflect the three cord strand verse.”

My heart melted. She picked a good one.

I cannot wait for their Silverstone Inn Lancaster wedding next year. But for now, enjoy their fun & whimsical Philadelphia Magic Gardens engagement session!

Meet Donald & Amy

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