Photographs for free spirited, senior gals who love authentic, joyful, beautiful images that feel like them. Not those traditional posey posey photos that make you feel like a robot with a cheap smile pasted on your face.

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Around here you will find perfectly imperfect hair blowing in the wind, throw-your-head-back-with-the-biggest-cackle-of-a-smile-on-your-face-kinda-laughs, and a little depth to show the world the confident young lady you’re growing into.

Most senior photographers just want to make a “pretty” picture of you. But I want to give you more than just pretty pretty photos. I want you to get in your car after leaving your session, look in the rear view, and think to yourself…”I really am beautiful.” I want you to remember how confident, positive, and radiant you felt in that warm sunset light in the middle of that long, whispy grass field…before you ever even see a single frame from your session. I want your mom to cry big lovely tears when she sees how lovely, classy, and full of life her little girl is. Yes, I just said I want to make your mom cry. But you get what I’m saying, right?!

Hey girlfriend! I’m Brianna

Sometimes mommas & grandmommmas worry I wont get that big ole smiling at the camera shot for their fridge. But take a deep breath moms, there will be lots. But I promise…there will be so much more, too.


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So do ya want to savor some magical, heartfelt moments with your favorite people? Let’s do it!

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