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2016 Senior Spokesmodel Introductions – Harrisburg Senior Photographer

On Sunday, there were 11 senior girls at my house, two makeup artists, and myself. My lovely husband was here for a moment but was a bit overwhelmed by all the estrogen in the house. There was makeup, accessories,  and clothes everywhere. We had the full house to sprawl out but somehow all ended up in my master bedroom, laying on the bed and the floor, talking about everything in life as if we had all known each other all year long.

It was a rare thing to see that many young women come together so kindly with such enthusiasm and excitement. Everyone helped build everyone else’s outfits and only reaffirmed that they all looked beautiful as their hair & makeup was completed. By the time we were headed to the shooting location, bellies were full, faces were fab, there were plenty of giggles, and lots of selfies happening. It was just downright fun. I truly feel so blessed to have met such a solid group of young women like these girls. There isn’t a bad seed in the bunch!

One of the lovely ladies was singing in NYC while the other had to leave early so the group shots are missing a few. But without further adieu, meet the lovely girls of my 2016 BW SENIORS!

Jordan – Middletown Area High School Senior

Alex – Boiling Springs High School Senior

 Maddi – Commonwealth Connections Academy Senior 

 Makenna – Cumberland Valley High School Senior 

 Paige – Cumberland Valley High School Senior 

 Sammi – New Oxford High School Senior

Emily – Northern High School Senior
 Juvy – Big Spring High School Senior
 Tylyn – Mechanicsburg High School Senior
Melanie – Cumberland Valley High School Senior 
 Emma – Cumberland Valley High School Senior
Do they not look like some ad ?! YOU GIRLS ARE GORGEOUS!

So as the rain began and we got a few group poses in, their outfits were just too cute to not photograph! So we rapid fired through each remaining gal for 15 seconds each. You can tell as the photos go, the rain got harder. But hey. It was supposed to be raining all day that day! So a little wet hair was okay with us, no one melted, and fun was had by all.

Shout out to my awesome husband for taking some behind the scenes shots! As well as being the pizza deliverer, taxi, cleaner upper, goat fender-offer, and keeping me zen as I freaked about the potential all day thunderstorms. Love you Justin :)
This was a real, live, working farm friends!
This little lady mooooed and moooed at us as we were taking portraits. There was no need for me to bring out natural giggles in the girls when you have helpers like this one!
HUGEEEEEEEEE THANK YOU to Veronica of Veronique’s Creative Artistry  and Katie of Lipstick & Lace for making the hair and makeup happen! We loved you!

AND! For the Moyers for letting us overtake the farm for the day! We can’t thank you enough!
This is one of the best photobombs.
AND! I put together a cute welcome gift for all my 2016 BWSENIORS! For all your photogs looking for inspiration for that, I’ll be blogging them next week!

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