I WILL EAT BREAKFAST ANY TIME OF DAY, MY HAIR is typically in a messy bun, AND I'VE USUALLY GOT A LITTLE HUMAN BOUNCING ON MY HIP. i will never say no to cake & I'm a big fan of THE DEEP-FRONT-PORCH-HEAR-THE-CRICKETS-KINDA-LIFE.I love jesus, my four children, and i've been madly in love with my husband since the day i met him.

philadelphia wedding photographer

This is where wedding photographers usually toot their own horn, talk about all of their magazine features, all the exotic places they've travelled for weddings, and all that jazz. And ya know, I've had the honor of doing those fabulous things. BUT. That is not what is important or what I feel like sharing.

 here’s what I really want to tell you:

I don't do this for recognition or "likes" on social media. I truly feel called to document & savor the beauty and emotion behind your everydays & your extraordinary days. I don’t want you to remember “taking pictures” on your wedding day or when you look back on your family photos. As a Philadelphia wedding photographer, I want you to remember the way your little person's eyes glittered in that crazy good sunset light or the huge smile he had on his face when you whispered, “hey husband” in his ear for the first time. While maybe simultaneously squeezing his butt a little. #justsayin

Light and playful plus heartfelt, emotional moments--the whole-face laughs, the way he lingers at your lips as you blush and giggle--those are what I capture best.

I believe in doing everything with my whole heart so “lukewarm” is just not in my vocabulary. I try to be 110% wife, mother, business owner, and cake taste tester. My passion for life makes the day to day a little wild and grace is something I’m working on every single second of every single day.

I’m a sucker for any romantic gesture, anything with peanut butter in it, neutral colored everythings, breakfast any time of day, hearing "mama" roll off the sweet lips of my little humans, and how my husband kisses pretty much everything on my face more than my lips.

So if you want photos that go beyond “the pretty” (though I’ll never say no to a lush bouquet) I’d love to be part of the meaning you’ve made with your loves. 

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