Welcome to wedding photographs with heart & soul. Images that will still be beautiful, authentic, and joy filled for when you’re 85, hand in hand with your love. You're not gonna find boring, tacky, or vanilla around here.  

At first glance I take pretty pictures, of pretty things, in pretty places. 


Making images to look back on when the days are long and life is much more complicated than it is right now. It’s about making heirlooms that will be passed down to future generations, contributing to the heritage of your family that feel completely and totally YOU--the way you bat your eye lashes at him across the table, the way he touches the small of your back, and the undeniable smile you get as you slowly pull away from eachother after a kiss that lingered just a little too long. I consider myself a professional, sneaky, photo ninja that savors this good stuff for you, FOREVER!

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Chris & Stephanie


Carrie & Lance

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Alyssa & Robbie

Allie & Jared

Rachel & Eric

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Alyssa & Robbie

Allie & Jared

Rachel & Eric


Brianna is truly the sweetest, most light-hearted person I've had the pleasure of meeting. It was just by chance that I found her for our Charleston wedding, and I feel like she was meant for us from day one. She has a special way of making you feel beautiful and completely comfortable in front of a camera. She goes the extra mile to be there for her brides (and grooms) to make sure she captures every part of your love story.

Paul & Kelsey

We absolutely loved working with Brianna! It was impossible to pick our favorite images - we’ve shared practically all of them on Instagram already! She promised me, the bride afraid of getting her picture taken, that she'd make us looks like babes - and boy, did she deliver. To quote a friend: "Did a unicorn take Mallorie and David's engagement photos? Did they sprinkle fairy dust over themselves prior to the shoot? I'm in love. They're magical."

David & Mallorie

Lets just say what you see is what you get and what you get with Brianna is GORGEOUS photos and GORGEOUS person inside & out! Her work is unreal and her natural talent and gift of being a photographer is one of a kind. Making wedding decisions was hard for me because I am naturally an over-analyzer, so if you are similar to me there is no need to over analyze this decision; Brianna really is worth EVERY PENNY! Her photos are beautiful and her ability to artistically shoot photos is amazing but she is also a JOY to work with. Her fun, bubbly, outgoing personality is the type of person you want on your wedding day. 

Stephanie & Chris

I can not say enough about Brianna. Every review you read is spot on - she is flawless. From the moment I reached out to her until I had my pics in my hand, everything was perfect. She responds to email quickly, is always there to give advice and guidance, and her work is beyond belief. She is kind, thoughtful, accountable, genuine, fun, responsible, proactive, patient, and oh so talented. I think it's very telling that every single vendor in the area knows her and breaths this giant sigh of relief and happiness when they find out you hired her. In fact, videographers offered me a discounted rate when they found out my photographer was Brianna. THAT'S how much people like and want to work with her. Every little detail of her process will knock your socks off. I will never hire another photographer for anything. Once you go Brianna, there is no one else!

Amara & Brian

kind words from real brides

You might be worried about hiring a photographer like me because you think I won't get those traditional smiling at the camera shots for your momma

Rest assured, you will get plenty of those traditional moments, but you’re going to get so much more than that. You may worry that you can’t be as happy or as beautiful as the other lovebirds you see around here. But I wish you knew that these are very normal, everyday, camera shy humans. The only thing you need is to love your person fiercely & be willing to get a little cuddly, I will do the rest. Real couples are my jam. Everyone gets out of the car at their engagement sessions telling me they stink at this, they look so awkward in photos, and usually mumble something about some physical attribute that they don’t like. I promise that if you can love & snuggle your person, I can make images you adore. 


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