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October 19, 2015

Mexico Honeymoon Recap

So a year ago at this time Justin & I were on our honeymoon at The Excellence Resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico. It. was. amazing. I had every intention of blogging about this when we got home but it just never happened. So I’ve been saving it until our first anniversary.

It was surely a resort experience but exactly what we needed & wanted. We paid a little extra to be in a more private section with more exclusive beaches // pools // bars // access and it was so worth it. There weren’t too many people around most of the time & we loved that. It rained or was gloomy most days but we truly didnt care. It was just about the best thing of the entire wedding experience. We adored this resort. I’ve had multiple brides & grooms stay at The Excellence Resort and everyone has loved it!

You can see a short little clip of our thoughts on our honeymoon after the first few nights HERE. I obviously have a future in videography if this photography thing doesnt work out ;) Also, when I mention loving “all my allisons & my whole house” it’s from one of my favorite daily affirmations by Jessica.

ALSO! Tips for the girls planning your honeymoon: I brought way too much stuff. I thought I was going to dress all cute all the time & dress up for dinner every night: yeah, no. Didn’t happen. We were so low key. I put on makeup twice which included mascara and chapstick. I wore nothing but flip flops, a bathing suit, and beach coverup 90% of the time. Get a massage. Sleep in. Do not plan to be on a diet.  The end.

This was the view from our room! This was the more public side so it was a bit busier most of the time. This is what most days looked like: overcast & gray. It was their rainy season when we were there. But I’m fair skinned and freckly so I’m not exactly a sun worshipper. So we were fine with it!
I love this one that Justin took! :)
And I adore this frame I took of him on our beach bed hangout spot!
We had to pass this little cage of birds every time we went back to our room & I always had to stop and chat with them. Love those little guys.
I wanted to take a picture of Justin from my point of view to remind me how young & cute & un-wrinkly he was someday. I’m so happy we did because it’s one of my favorite pictures of him. He decided to do the same :)
Another gloomy day.

Iguanas everywhere. Little godzillas.
The full resort from the water.
My daily view of pretty scenery.
Mas cervezas.

Mas cigars. Had to take that cool smokey picture of course.
No cigars for me though.

Husband’s backlight game on point.

We had a little romantic dinner on the beach one night and it was definitely romantic & super super good.

Iphone shots.
So breakfast could get out of control some mornings. I am a sampler. I love having a little bit of everything if I am able to. So when you have unlimited room service, it’s socially acceptable to order one plate of everything. Especially on your honeymoon. Aaaaaand we did.
Iphone proof below. Selfie attempt…not possible with short arms & only a 35mm.Freckles galore.
Explored Playa Del Carmen.
Where we met a street monkey.

And took our chances consuming the public water via ice cubes.
For the record, we were just fine.
I’ll forever adore that smirk.
Right before we walked out upon packing up, I was like – “Ah we need to photograph our room!” Better late than never!


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