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December 29, 2015

2015 Behind The Scenes With Brianna

This is one of most fun posts of the year! Just because you get to see me + my little team behind the scenes! Long hot sweaty summer days, cold winter days, and rainy ones, too. Rainboots, sockbuns, sundresses, camera straps galore. I promised to not do another sockbun this year. You will see…I failed. I made it so far and just caved. 2015 was one for the books. I LOVED this year for so many reasons. Thank you to every single second shooter who worked with me + to every couple who chose me to photograph their big day. I adore you all! So here we go!

“This is the wild country girl, native to the fields, in her natural habitat…..”

One of my favorite photobombs of. all. time.

I could make an album of just Sarah’s beautiful face + all my beautiful test shots of her.

Ty styling away…

One of my favorite shadows of 2015.

Thumbs up?

SUSIE! Next year there will be so much susie in my behind the scenes post. CANNOT WAIT!

Videographer bombing photographer + photographer bombing videographer. Mirror shot = fail.

I work him so hard :) Dark hotel rooms call for desperate measures.
That time my bestfriend was my assistant IN CHARLESTON and she was LEGIT one of the best ever! Love you Cam!

Including being my test subject.
This wedding came in second place for my rainiest wedding of the year. Also close to first place for one of the happiest couples of the year. Love you Amber + Sean!!
And the sock bun appears.
Getting close + intimate in between pre-schooler passings on their field trip. Donald + Amy were champs about it!
Another solid horse photo bomb.
The brown Kelly Boy Bag looks so much better on him than my old pink Kelly Moore Classic. He was so happy when I graduated to a more gender neutral bag :)

Sarah has almost cut so many cakes in front of my camera

When the bride see’s how amazing she looks from my point of view = best moment!

Hannah. One of my cutest test subjects :)
This paddock was full of people, chickens, horses, and Jbirds.
I talk with my hands a lot but making bird signs, I wasnt aware I did that.
Rainy day Pittsburgh wedding. He had so many supplies hidden in that jacket.
Straight ‘tude.GOLDEN HOUR GALORE!
Back in my natural habitat: fields.

This one time, I photographed my bestfriend’s wedding AND was a bridesmaid. And did the ENTIRE thing in heels. No idea how I did it but I would do anything for my bestfriends! She was one of the most beautiful brides I’ve photographed :)

Practicing my fluffing skills…
Serious life talk with Kent Mast mid reception…
“Why are you here?”
Running into my bridesmaid place!
Double teamin’ with Sarah…

Oh Landon. The faces I have captured you making…. <3
He’s like…”Yeaaaa whatever lady.”
Veil toss by Ty!

Sometimes I briefly employ the bridesmaids….
THIS was SO cold. The wind was CRAZY on this wedding day, the craziest I’ve experienced. So riding on a golfcart in said wind while looking for a low spot…CHILLY!
Back in those fields…
Simon says….She’s looking at me like, “You want me to do what?”Whipping them into shape.
You know the day was wild when you see the messy bun.So serious Jbird. Seniors + sundresses + cowboy boots = winning.
Oh my little white legs….they’re out….Ah my time in Brooklyn, such a sweet one.

Yet another test shot of Justin…We got yelled at shortly after this for being in a place we werent allowed :0 Worth it.
This little buddy just sat on Justin’s boot while we photographed…
Another bridesmaid hard at work…Justin hard at work…
There isnt much Ty cant do…
Goat creepin. One of my favorites from the year.
Ty’s form though….So serious. So confused.
Ty bomb.Again, fields. And the famous pink bag Justin used to be toting.
Woop. There he is again.
She wanted me to dance. She was very convincing.
Another case of Simon Says…

THIS WEDDING! Oh my gosh. Some of my favorite #BWBRIDES ever! All in one place! And one of the only weddings I still looked half okay by the reception. Can we just talk about how fair my legs are in this photo? Wooweee.
And all the boys of course! Love all my Messiah couples!
Okay so THIS was the absolute rainiest wedding I’ve ever experienced and Pat + Scarlet were total CHAMPS about it. I couldnt find my normal raincoat that morning and just had to grab my hunting raincoat. The country club gave me so many eye rolls + I wasn’t sure if they were going to let me in :) 

Longing out the window I suppose…See…I do have a normal non-camo raincoat :) 

Oh this man. My favorite test subject.

Erin…you’re probably going to yell at me but I had to. We needed a shadow + she made it happen!
Boot bombin.

It’s all about me I suppose.
Matt + I gettin’ all up in there…
 My legs. Why do I do that? When you’re culling a wedding + you find this….

The Kelly Boys.

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