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March 13, 2019

A Rainy Day Engagement Session | Leah & Marlin

On a wedding day, the bride & groom are obviously my people.
BUT. As a girl….as a photographer spending lots of time with the bride…I naturally meet her gal pal bridesmaids and often times end up befriending them, too! A lot of my brides are actually bridesmaids of my OTHER brides! So it’s kind of a full circle mess and I wouldn’t have it any. other. way. This lovely lady is one of those gals! Leah stuck out to me as bridesmaid when I initially met her. She was so kind, so helpful, and always smiling so when she inquired with me I slightly fan girled because I knew she was such a great person. And newsflash: great human being is my #1 favorite attribute in my clients. Not their venue or dress choice or any of it. Fabulous people trump all. ANYWAYS.

Turns out, she also has wonderful taste because her husband to be is sweet as pie, too. These two are getting married at Bonnet Island Estate this spring & I can’t lie that I’m kinda counting down the days. I cannot wait to see these two in bride & groom mode and serve them on one of their biggest & bestest days.

ALSO. They came all the way to Mechanicsburg for their engagement session and it started raining within minutes. I had to share this session with everyone to prove that rain is still okay for photos! I get asked by brides often, “BUT WHAT IF IT RAINS ON MY WEDDING DAY?!” Well sister, THAT IS OKAY. We will work it out one way or another. I will seriously NEVER forget how nonchalant these two were about it. I’m always fine with it…but it takes a special couple to just laugh through and be content in the rain. Again, another reason I like these two a lot. ANYWHO.

Check out the lovely Leah & Marlin!


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