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March 1, 2017

Behind The Scenes 2016

Oh man. 2016 was quite the year, personally and professionally. So many amazing people, weddings, great experiences, the list goes on.

For me personally, it was the year I shot lots o’ weddings while super pregnant. I shot to the very end with a wedding that I missed (that was covered of course) because I was in labor! Then I was back to shooting 3.5 weeks post C-section.

It was hot, I was huge, and there was just not much about me that was graceful during pregnancy. I definitely came home after multiple weddings crying simply because I was exhausted & I couldn’t take one more stranger saying, “Oh my gosh are you having twins? Are you due like tomorrow? Wow you’re huge!”

PSA: never say any of those things to a pregnant, hormonal, emotional woman. Especially when they’re busting their butt, outside, in the dead of summer. I will forever complement pregnant women everywhere about how amazing they look because THEY DO, no matter what size they grow to :)

I wore sneakers to weddings more than once and my outfits were more about comfort than anything else. Susie on the other hand…sister put me to SHAME. She is like the dearest, most stylish, most composed, beautiful-while-sweating-person. I can’t even tell you how many guests would come up to her and say, “I love your dress!” because Sus looks gorgeous always (which isn’t very hard for her, I must say so myself).

2016 was also the year of:
awesome Susie selfies that I just can’t get enough of.
amazing assistants that really helped solely me the last few weeks of pregnancy (I LOVE YOU GUYS AND YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!)
gorgeous humans that got married
humorous bloopers & outtakes of course

“Let me just touch you girl.”

Light landscaping…

“Oh man this calls for both arms…”

“GOT ER’!”

That is the look of a girl who is seeing snow for the first time.
Well…snow machine snow.

*which totally calls for a frolick*

We copy eachother…

Mooooore personal space invasion…

They’re totally paying attention to me.

Sus bomber. But yall, those tights?! Let the cute Susie outfits begin. You just wait.

Serious chats with ring bearers.
And it looks like I lost.

Elevator selfie

THE BEST TREE <3 <3 <3Sus gone wild. Leaving Rob behind.
Kriste, the cat lady, could not pass up this opportunity to love on a passing feline.
She also was a jump in bridesmaid, crafting the perfect bow like a champ.
Anything for the shot. Like holding up a bed!

Like, is she not the sweetest human?!
Stillllll being awesome…
AND STILL being awesome…
She is too good.

Oh Katie, what would I have done without you?! This girl was the biggest help AND a past bride. I was so thankful to have her help carry things and be manager of the snacks. I appreciate & love ya so so much Katie!!

We had a third shooter at this wedding…
Little buddy made himself right at home…
Matt Stambaugh everyone!Katie & Susie, again, being awesome humans…
Staying hydrated…
Maybe one of our most epic fails caught on camera for the year. Sorry Joy!
This wedding was HARD physically. I was so sore and so tired at the end. BUT so thankful for a truly, truly kind couple & to have my first ever and favorite second shooter with me: MY HUSBAND! Shout out to you Justin. Love ya! 
This photo was taken at the end of an engagement session, where I was like, 37 weeks pregnant and hiked up a mountain to do a session. It took us about 45 minutes to get to the top. I took one lens and some grapes & water. Susie decided to come last minute as moral support and I’M SO THANKFUL SHE DID, per usual. Again, reason 101209234 she is the most amazing person, friend, and partner in crime. 
I think these are my two favorite gals: Susie & Sarah Brookhart. Both looking equally fab and stylish. PER USUAL.
This was the wedding where I was 3.5 weeks post C-section, 2 hours from home, and shot 7 hours. Sus & Sarah covered the reception for me because I had to get off my feet and see my baby. I wore BIRCKENSTOCKS AT A WEDDING. They were the only thing that fit my feet! And of all weddings yall. It was a black tie vibe event and I’m just over here in birkenstocks. The problem was, I held soooo much fluid after my section and around 4 weeks, 30 lbs of water weight was poof gone after so many months and it was glorious. However, at the time, it was either shoot in birks or dont wear shoes. Birks it was.
The proof sadly exists…

Lovely sus. Kinda doing a bunny thing with her hands there…

The important people are in focus…LOVE YOU JOSH & KRISTINA!!!
She makes friends everywhere she goes…
Favorite BTS of susie all year. I think this is tied with donkey selfie.

Sooooo I shot in my socks, in a field….because my bride kicked her shoes off and had no shoes on and the field was jaggy. And I looked like the weird one. While she looked like a bride in biker boots.
Meanwhile, Sus managed all of the important things…And I maintained my professional image….
THIS WEDDING! I photographed the entire morning with leggings + a chunky sweater + sneakers = HEAVENNNNNN. Cause…family wedding :) 
Smileeeeeee sus!

There ya go.
“Here, do you wanna do this instead?”
“K, cool. Push the big button on the top, you’re good to go.”
Seriously, this girl can hold so many things at once. I DONT ASK HER TO DO THIS, she does this to herself and I always tell her I got it and will carry the things but she always ends up trying to carry allllll the things.
Zen Sus in middle of the aisle.
I went from chunky sweater & leggings & sneaks to this. While shooting the ceremony.
I dont think I will be shooting any other wedding in heals and a dress again.
My husband & Charlie girl wedding guesting! 
Honorary bridesmaid duties.
This wedding was a good one. Rach & Trevor and their whole clan was toooo fun.I feel like she’s bowing to me as we are about to do some form of combat.

Awkward all around: the weird-bend-over-the-invitations-for-an-aerial-shot-while-not-getting-my-hair-or-dress-or-shoes-in shot. While sus just does the stand & giggle.

“Oh you wanna see a picture of Charlie? Let me show you…”
Oh my word, this day was COLD. And she is even cut in the cold friends.

Thank heavens for my LL bean jacket. It may not be the most glam but it is WARM. Highly recommend photog friends.
Or anyone that is cold.Last wedding of 2016!

Sniper shootin’ over there.Iphone vs. DSLR

This outfit = questionable.
But this outfit = warm.
They look prettier.

Philly nights

  1. Brittany Bretz says:

    Simply awesome. Every bit. Love the commentary too! Looks like a great year to remember & share memories from!

  2. Laura K says:

    Love these so much! And love the BTS from last February :) You two are just the cutest. And you both wear the best clothes. Where does she get those DRESSES?

  3. Alysha says:

    GIRL I LOVE THIS!! Oh my gosh I love reading behind the scenes posts! So wonderful :)

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