I'm Brianna. Pennsylvania based wedding + portrait photographer. My hair is typically in a messy bun, I usually have a baby on my hip, and I never say no to cake. I want photographs to feel as good as they look, and my overly sentimental, married, momma heart knows the weight of soulful photographs all too well.

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I feel like I’m hitting a home run this year: the people are SO KIND. These two have been dating for years and this wedding has been a long time coming. So excited to be celebrating with them next year at The Star Barn! In the meantime… Meet Kayla & Ryan!

The Star Barn Engagement | Ryan & Kayla

August 28, 2018

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My threshold for a surprise is REAL low. If I know about one too far in advance, I swear, it will eat me alive. I will be bursting at the seams to jump out and yell whatever, gift that magical present, let the cat outta the bag, you name it. So holding this BIG secret […]

Surprise Proposal | Stephanie & Mike

August 21, 2018

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I knew I liked her from our initial chats but sister…2 minutes into this engagement session, I LOVED THEM BOTH. Allie just exudes, bleeds, and screams happiness. Jared is just so patient & kindhearted and clearly adores her. I just really love them as humans together and this session was so flippin’ easy to shoot […]

Pennsylvania Film Wedding Photographer – Allie & Jared

April 9, 2018

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Their love is so easy & effortless. That is the only way for me to describe Zach & Jill. There was nothing pretentious about them. They were so down to earth, so comfortable with one another, silly to boot, and just so my type of people in every way. I’m SO SUPER EXCITED for their Fairmount […]

Sandy Hook Park Beach Engagement | Zach & Jill

March 8, 2018

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“I want to bask in the glorious greatness of basic-ness. And I want to revel in “going over the top” when I want to because there is white space in my life to do so.” –Emily Ley   My business has always been my baby. I worked my tail off, around the clock, nurturing, growing, […]

Long Time No See

January 11, 2018

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This recent Pennsylvania fall engagement session is feeling much more like summer but we aren’t mad about it. Because…see below :) They get married in a MONTH! After ten years together, they are ready to do this thang. Meet Nikki & Tom….with increased magicalness by FILM! All film. Pentax 645n / Portra 400 / The […]

Sunset Pennsylvania Engagement on Film | Nikki & Tom

October 8, 2017

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I pulled up to their house and totally fan girl-ed out in my car. I am a country, space loving, no neighbors kinda gal. That is how I grew up and that is my dream to have for our own little family. Their home was that and more. A sweet little house up on a […]

Pennsylvania Film Engagement Photographer – Matthew & Megan

July 6, 2017

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We explored their favorite walking spot and I totally get why they love it so much. Very excited for the Michigan wedding this summer! Meet Carrie & Lance. Pentax 645n // The Find Lab

Lancaster Film Engagement – Lance & Carrie

June 25, 2017

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These two met in this sweet little town years ago. I loved being able to photograph their playful love in the quaint little beach town of Stone Harbor, New Jersey where it all began. These romantic, sunset beach portraits are some of my favorite to date. Cannot wait for the Linwood Estate wedding next year! […]

Stone Harbor New Jersey Engagement – Robbie & Alyssa

May 30, 2017

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