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August 21, 2018

Surprise Proposal | Stephanie & Mike

My threshold for a surprise is REAL low. If I know about one too far in advance, I swear, it will eat me alive. I will be bursting at the seams to jump out and yell whatever, gift that magical present, let the cat outta the bag, you name it.

So holding this BIG secret in while planning a “casual portrait session” for Stephanie & Mike was KILLER.
Being at Hershey Gardens, moseying around, basically killing time before THE BIG MOMENT…also killer.
When we got to “The Spot,” my arms literally started to shake and I got hot & sweaty out of the anticipation for this big moment. SO! I cannot imagine how MIKE FELT! MY HEAVENS!

She was totally surprised. & it was so good. I’m so happy to have been apart of this sweet little, garden inspired proposal. It was truly an honor.

We started in the rose gardens. I was just warming them up, getting to know them, and breaking the nerves for everyone involved (myself included). I always do some easy-peasy, get to know you stuff in the beginning of a session to make couples for more comfortable. From there, we walked to “THE SPOT,” I did some “test shots” to make sure it was lookin’ good and gave Mike the signal. Yes, we had a signal. This was like a covert operation. And BAM! He did it! She was totally surprised! Then we got to meander around Hershey Gardens & Hershey Hotel on a whole new level of happy & ease.

So meet the future Mr. & Mrs. Shulo! 

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