I'm Brianna. Pennsylvania based wedding + portrait photographer. My hair is typically in a messy bun, I usually have a baby on my hip, and I never say no to cake. I want photographs to feel as good as they look, and my overly sentimental, married, momma heart knows the weight of soulful photographs all too well.

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This engagement session was the six year anniversary of their first date, how sweet it was to celebrate their engagement on such a day! Cassel Vineyards of Hershey was not only perfect because it was the most glowy, amazing spot…but because these two adore wine + it’s one of their favorite things to do together! […]

Cassel Vineyards of Hershey Engagement Session – Samantha & Andrew

April 8, 2020

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I work with a lot of genuinely joyful humans so I feel like I say this a lot, BUT: these two were some of the happiest, most joyful souls I’ve known. I’ve been trying to transition this season into shorter blog posts….and I’m epically failing on this one. It’s so hard for me to slim […]

The Farm at Eagles Ridge Wedding | Hayley + Mike

September 9, 2019

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I have been holding onto this since like…February yall. I CAN’T BELIEVE IT because it’s truly one of my most proud sessions I’ve photographed. It’s just everything I want to say with family photography, with my favorite medium, a sweet family, in their home…it’s everything for me! I’ve had the pleasure of photographing in homes […]

The Martin Family | Lancaster Family Photographer

May 15, 2019

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I went to New York City this week for a business workshop and I had a lovely time eating & learning all the things. I am on the train home + craving some quiet, some fields, and every little bit of central pennsylvania country living. I love to go to the big cities to shoot […]

Wildflower Field Engagement | Hayley & Mike

March 27, 2019

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SO! If ya didn’t know, I do small mentoring sessions for photographers who want to learn the basics of film! This couple modeled for sweet Diane & myself so we could do the hands-on portion of our session. We spend a chunk of the day in my office going over setup, loading, settings, and the […]

Lindsey & Mitch | Film Mentoring Sessions for Photographers

February 20, 2019

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I was looking forward to this family session so. stinkin. much. Because the momma is someone I *really* admire. She is so intentional with her time (it seems) and what she puts her efforts into. She loves her family so well, she’s clearly head over heels for her husband still, she’s a country girl, she has […]

Carlisle Family Photographer | Thomas Family

February 18, 2019

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I was looking forward to this session so much because I KNEW Kara was totally on board with what I do. I knew she had been following me for awhile and really understood my style. We were the perfect fit! It’s amazing how when you work with your ideal people and those ideal people love […]

Mechanicsburg Family Session | Redding Family

September 19, 2018

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It was literally a zillion degrees on this evening. She was rather pregnant. Little T didn’t nap. J just wanted to do boy things. It could have been a literal hot mess. BUTYAKNOWWHAT. It wasn’t. AND. We are both photographers. Both moms. You think we would have this family pictures thing ALL FIGURED OUT. But […]

The Eshelman Family

September 12, 2018

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I have been sitting on this sweet, sunset engagement session for a year. It is truly one of my favorites of all time. Eric just loves Rachel with this deep devotion + a lighthearted silliness all at the same time and THAT is my favorite kinda-humans. They get married next weekend and I CANNOT WAIT. […]

Pennsylvania Farm Engagement | Rachel & Eric

September 9, 2018

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