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May 28, 2015

Mechanicsburg Family Photographer – The Rimmers

I heavily debated on blogging this.
I’m not an official family photographer and I don’t want the public thinking I will be taking families and busting on the scene! I can count on one hand the families that I photograph from year to year but it’s an underwraps kinda thing as my business is focused on seniors & all things wedding.

BUT! My blog is a place to share what I’m currently doing, my thoughts on various subjects, and things I love. Since I’m the boss of it & and I love this family….they’re getting on it!

I went to Haiti with Kelly, the beautiful mother of this family, a few years ago. I’ve always respected her since that time and I do even more now – she’s so patient and light hearted with her kids and she still manages to look fabulous doing it. Jared is her lovely husband and they compliment each other so well. I always laugh and secretly love photographing married couples that have been married for quite a few years. I instruct them to get very close and embrace each other this way or that way and they always laugh and mumble something to the effect of  “we aren’t young and married anymore” or “you just wait till you’ve been married as long as us.” However, there’s a deeper connection and natural comfort level that these couples have over the newly engaged ones. And I love that. When I pulled Kelly & Jared over to shoot just them, I had to force myself to stop quickly because I would have ended up shooting them for 45 more minutes! Couples are my thing yall! I would have loved to have gotten them to the “sweet spot” and prove that they give all those young, bright eyed couples a run for their money ;) I still think we made some lovely images in the few minutes I had them all to myself amongst this family session. The girls are just downright beautiful inside & out. Hannah is an old, wise soul in a high school girl’s body. I loved her and could totally be her friend. Miss Hayden is a daddy’s girl that is every bit of silly, fun, and adorable.

So friends…soak up this family moment on my blog…it doesn’t happen often…but dang they make it look good!

Meet The Rimmers.

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