I'm Brianna. Pennsylvania based wedding + portrait photographer. My hair is typically in a messy bun, I usually have a baby on my hip, and I never say no to cake. I want photographs to feel as good as they look, and my overly sentimental, married, momma heart knows the weight of soulful photographs all too well.

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Kaylin // Downtown historic district Chartleston portraits

Historic Charleston Portrait Session

November 19, 2015

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So a year ago at this time Justin & I were on our honeymoon at The Excellence Resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico. It. was. amazing. I had every intention of blogging about this when we got home but it just never happened. So I’ve been saving it until our first anniversary. It was surely a resort […]

Mexico Honeymoon Recap

October 19, 2015

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So about twoish years ago, I stumbled across this photographer (Rylee Hitchner) and I just immediately fell in love with her work. It had this depth, airy, sophistication that I was just totally in love with. Some of her images were even out of focus but I just loved the feeling they evoked. I found […]

My First Roll of Film

August 26, 2015

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My family is going to be so proud right now because for once, the personal photos I took of us are available within the same month of the get together. Usually, I’m giving you pictures of last christmas the week of christmas the following year (that’s my personal life people, not the business life). With […]

Outer Banks Getaway with the Fam

August 24, 2015

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Dyanna Joy Photography   Ah yes, as of today, I can rent a car and not pay that extra, crazy fee for being underage. Justin rolled over this morning and reminded me that I’m a quarter century old and Tucker must sense my new gained maturity because he’s been trying to cuddle me all morning. I […]


April 2, 2015

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2014. You were a heck of a year. So much so that my “favorites post” is coming in February of 15′. I thought I’d skip out on it this year but there were just too many good ones. It was pretty fun gathering all these and looking back. Two things I learned about myself: 1. […]


February 13, 2015

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This post is a bit overdue, but…better late than never! This year was a busy one to say the least. Lots of long, hot wedding days, gorgeous bride & grooms, not so gorgeous photographer moments, yet still SO much fun. 2014 was the year I discovered “The Sock Bun.” It may not be the most […]

Behind the Scenes 2014

February 3, 2015

WANT TO SAVOR SOME heartfelt moments with your favorite HUMANS? Let’s do it!

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