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May 5, 2022

Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania Backyard Wedding | Jesse + Carena

Let me tell you why I loved Carena + Jesse’s hometown wedding in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. I hopped in my car, drove sixteen whole minutes, and showed up on her parent’s doorstep to photograph their wedding. 

This is the dream job situation, people! I love shooting in central PA, especially my hometown of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. Photographing two incredible, soulful, kind families made it extra wonderful.

I walked into a homey brick house with worship music playing. There was no bridal party fluttering about – the house was so peaceful. Unpopular opinion: I love weddings with little to no bridal parties. I know those are fightin’ words, but we can discuss that another day. 

ANYWHO…back to Jesse & Carena.

I got lost during their ceremony listening to what their pastor had to say. He was incredible and the message was wonderful. They took communion and their families prayed over their marriage. It was a genuine, lovely, Jesus filled afternoon.

Jesse is one of five boys. I grew up with all boys myself, so I’m more comfortable around a bunch of groomsmen than a sea of bridesmaids! They reminded me a lot of the men in my family & I loved witnessing their dynamic. It was so nice to see two families with grown-adult-kids who are still very close.

At one point, Carena walked out the french doors of her kitchen in her wedding dress. Knowing she has been scampering out of those same doors since she was five years old, I was a tad emotional! As a mom to a five year old daughter myself, time felt fast and slow at that moment. It was beautiful and bittersweet. The emotions of parenthood overcame me, and I’m not even into the thick of it yet!

I could talk forever about this day, couple, and their families, but I will stop and let you experience their wedding for yourself! 

You can also check out their apple orchard engagement session here

Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania Wedding Vendors

Rentals: Event Central, Weir Rentals, A to Z, Shumaker

Cake: Kyrsten’s Sweet Design

Makeup Artist: Carmina Cristina

Hair Stylist: MKUP

DJ: 3 West

Catering: Patty Armbrust Catering

Bridal Boutique: Posh Bridal

Bridesmaid Dresses: Taylored for You

Florals: Terri McClay from Nature’s Harmony

Calligrapher: Rosewater Ink

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