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March 1, 2018

The Sullivans – Pennsylvania Family Film Photographer

Meet the pioneers. This was my second ever family session and boyyyyy was I SPOILED! They were a dream & the epitome of everything I want to say and do with family photography. The stars aligned and every aspect of this session was what I envisioned AND what they envisioned. So everybody won, big time! Because this was during my trial time of families, I went ahead and only brought my film camera and I’m so happy I took the chance because I love the results!

The recipe for why this session was so wonderful:
1. The parents had a soulful, simple vision: to capture the connection with their children. The way she can still hold them on her hip, their free spirited-ness, and how those tiny arms still want to be around daddy’s neck. They wanted simple and I adore simple so we were on the same brain wave before any location or clothing selections were made.

2. They trusted me. I asked them to do all kinds of things and they committed & did each thang with love and grace, and never let pride get in the way.

3. They were intentional with their wardrobe selection. They let each child wear something they were comfortable in, they had various textures throughout their clothing selections to create interest, and everyone’s outfits were practical, too.

4. Mom didn’t neglect herself. This is a huge one! Moms…I want you to feel & look like a super babe at your session. I don’t care how cute your kids look in a picture. If mom isn’t looking beautiful, it’s out. So invest in an outfit that makes you feel beautiful and plan everyone else’s around YOURS!

5. They’re just downright awesome human beings (which is a tall order). He is still madly in love with her, they were so patient and relaxed with their children, and I basically want to be them when I grow up.


  1. Rose says:

    I love how you captured our connections so well. We will treasure these portraits forever!

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