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August 30, 2017

You Make It Look How It Feels | Big Announcement

I never ever thought I would write a post like this.

If you would have asked me if I wanted to be a family photographer at any point in my career up to now, I would have laughed. In ya face.
I have photographed family & friends’ families over the years because I love them & felt comfortable with them but weddings & couples were where my heart was.

Then I became a momma & EV.ER.EE.THING changed. I have fallen deeeeeply in love with photographing motherhood + connection within a family + the wildness of children + the intimacy of a marriage amongst it all. It is also the hardest thing I have ever photographed. There are so many personalities in one place, so many ears and voices going, little people need to snack and poop and explore every bug on the ground, and there are so many moving parts. Literally. HOWEVER, capturing some great moments amongst all that, is so satisfying. Doing it in a way that savors the way you feel about your babies is the ultimate.

A mom recently said to me…”You photograph motherhood in a way that makes it look how it feels.” DAY MADE. That is exactly my goal.

So here is my plan: to photograph mothers & families in a raw, heartfelt, emotional, authentic, simple manner that celebrates & depicts motherhood in a way that communicates the love, joy, tenderness, grace, and wildness you feel everyday.

I know these images below are happy & lovey & depicts family life as rainbows & butterflies.
We all know it’s not like that.
However, it is sometimes.
Maybe a lot of the time.
And for the days that are full of challenges, little sleep, crying babies, and tough parenting decisions…you will have these glorious moments to serve as a reminder that your family IS a crazy heaping mess of love, joy, and blessings from the sweet Lord himself.

SO OFFICIALLY: I will be taking on families this fall and for a good while to come. I left a few spots open in my calendar just for you guys.
OH! And I will be doing all of this mostly on film because families on film are just the most beautiful.
And frankly, that is just how I like capturing them. SO THERE :)

WHO THESE SESSIONS ARENT FOR: If you’re looking for traditional family photos. Like..where everyone wears matching outfits & everyone is constantly smiling at the camera & you could maybe pass for one of those Hallmark families in the stock photos of the frames you buy at target…that is not me. I will not serve you as well as another photographer could.

Sure, I will take a Christmas card shot with all those cheesers looking right at me. But that is not the purpose of these sessions.
I want to go places that mean something to you, with your favorite people in the world, and document those little hands on your cheeks, the fact that you can still carry your child on your hip, and how you’re still hot for your husband amidst having a house full of little humans. Expect to lay in the grass, twirl around, be silly with your babies, and maybeeeee squeeze your husband’s booty :)

If this sounds like something you value, I value you YOU. Want to set something up with your clan? Contact me directly at BriannaWilburPhotography@gmail.com or fill this out!

Enjoy some samples of work I’ve been making the last two months – mostly on film!

  1. Gina Joyce Maiden says:

    Hello Brianna,

    I am interested in learning about your pricing and availability for family sessions. Your work is just incredible!! My husband and I had our first baby this past September and would love to capture these precious moments together. It is something to be treasured forever. We live in Philadelphia and are interested in taking some pictures in our home and possibly outdoors as well.

    I look forward to hearing from you!

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