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June 9, 2022

Harrisburg Family Photographer | The Cho Family

This is one of my favorite backyard family sessions that I never shared. I’m getting ready to photograph the Cho family again in a few weeks and their kids have doubled in size… I absolutely cannot wait! 

This family traveled all the way from Pittsburgh for these photos! When a family makes the journey to Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania just to have photos taken with me, it is such an honor. I am very aware of the time and energy it takes to get everyone ready for family photos AND arrive with all people happy, fed, and looking fabulous.

Photographers tend to stress about the amount of time a session includes. I have seen sessions include up to 2 hours of shooting time… Whew, that is long! I believe your session should not be about the length of time; it should be about the amount of IMAGES you are receiving.

Delivering a full gallery of VARIETY is always my goal. I try to make the session as efficient and enjoyable as possible! I understand that many people do not like to be photographed, or it’s hot/cold, or a baby is fussy, or toddlers do not want to be there.

The Cho family is a perfect example. This session was taken in mid day sun, which is not when the textbooks are going to suggest you photograph anyone. Let me be the first to tell you – we do not need sunset light to make beautiful photos! Baby Bennett was also not his normal happy self that day. He wanted to be in his wrap, and pressed tight to his momma. Last but not least, it was super hot. I don’t think this session was much longer than 20-30 minutes.

After many years of shooting, I am confident that I can produce a full family gallery in 20 minutes if I need to. It’s not about the minutes; it’s about the number of photos achieved and how your clients feel being photographed! As a mother myself, I love a swift family session where everyone leaves happy instead of crying after being pushed to their limits.

These photos of the Cho family are so sweet and lovely, despite all the factors that were not ideal! So remember mommas: I don’t expect perfection and neither should you! We will work together to make your session enjoyable, efficient, and fun for all.

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